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It Takes A Village

“A growing number of buyers shopping for homes during the pandemic are taking neighborhoods into consideration” writes the Wall Street Journal in this article featuring Masood Qazi and Anicham Kumarasamy discussing why they chose to buy here. “Over the summer, the couple started looking at Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco they’d read had a tight community where people held socially distanced street parties and started a sidewalk food bank. They started hanging out there for a few hours every weekend, taking their dog for walks and going to the parks. Mr. Qazi noticed people would say hello and strike up conversations… Covid switched our emphasis from the house to the neighborhood, he says.”

Living in Bernal Heights

“As prohibitive as its real estate prices are, Bernal Heights sends out a message of communal warmth and inclusion” wrote The New York Times in 2016. “Kristin Hofso, an owner of Bernal Hill Realty in Bernal Heights, acknowledged that the community has grown more affluent, with the average price of a single-family house rising from $800,000 in 2012 to just under $1.4 million this year. ‘But it’s remained progressive, racially diverse, with some vibrant artists and many independent businesses,’ she said. In her experience, newcomers seek out those aspects before any particular property. ‘I’ve sold real estate here for 25 years,’ she said, ‘and almost all the buyers who come to us say, ‘We want to live in Bernal’.”


“I am so pleased we chose Kristin to sell our family home. She originally sold the house to our parents over 20 years ago, but even besides that long-term connection, we knew she is super knowledgeable about the housing market, particularly the nuances of Bernal Heights.”

Albion and Sadie

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Bernal Heights feels like an inclusive urban village and I want that spirit reflected in my business.

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