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So glad we went with Bernal Hill Realty! When selling our house, we deliberated and looked at some of the more ‘slick’ agencies, but we decided to go local … like same-block local … and it paid off big time.

From the start, Kristin was no-nonsense, specific, and knowledgable, especially about the Bernal Real Estate micro-climate. We told her our vision for the house, she told us how to get there and laid out the steps along the way, including providing excellent contacts to do work and painting where required. She also navigated us through several potentially momentous decisions regarding timing of the sale and offers. And though Kristin was our main contact, Mary Ann was always helpful and available.

Thanks so much for the expert guidance. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

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Living in Bernal Heights: An Inclusive Village with Lofty Prices

The New York Times finds our urban village idyllic, but expensive, in this neighborhood profile. We were asked to chime in:


Kristin Hofso, an owner of Bernal Hill Realty in Bernal Heights, acknowledged that the community has grown more affluent, with the average price of a single-family house rising from $800,000 in 2012 to just under $1.4 million this year.

“But it’s remained progressive, racially diverse, with some vibrant artists and many independent businesses,” she said. In her experience, newcomers seek out those aspects before any particular property. “I’ve sold real estate here for 25 years,” she said, “and almost all the buyers who come to us say, ‘We want to live in Bernal.’ ”

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